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Monday, June 2, 2008


You Can Successfully Grow Aromatic Herbs

Apart from being important ingredients for cooking in the kitchen and alternative medicines, herbs can also be Web Hosting - ASP, PHP, Perl, Frontpage, SSH source of appealing fragrances in the garden or a potpourri bowl. Due to the edible oils in the leaves, herbs add flavor to dishes. The same oils are also the cause for such olfactory joy, even for those who may not care to eat herbs.

Lavender is a particularly attractive one. Originating from the Mediterranean and endowed with lovely small purple flowers, it is extremely attractive to look at. It is also wonderful to enjoy its aroma. It is a very useful addition to perfumed sachets. It makes a great addition to any corner of the garden and adds value by attracting Black Swallowtail butterflies.

With its origin from Asia Minor, now widely grown all over the globe, Sage Generic Viagra an example of an herb planted for its aroma. Being part of the mint family, it is a delightful data recovery to rub its leaves between the thumb and forefinger and enjoy the released fragrance.

Another member of the mint family with pink flowers blossoming by early summer, Caraway-Scented Thyme is yet another herb planted for its fragrance. Endowed with a spicy fragrance, it is a favorite with herbalists as well as butterflies and bees.

One more herb from the mint family, Sweet Marjoram, is popular with soap makers as a perfuming agent. A centuries old herb, it is quite appealing when ground up and added to a potpourri bowl. Care should be taken not to mistake it for its wild kin, the Origanum Vulgare, also known as Oregano.

Preserving aromatic herbs is quite simple. If for a short Company car insurance like a week, fresh stems in a vase of cold water, refrigerated, should do. They can also be preserved in oil by washing, drying and adding preserving oil in a jar. They will stay fresh for about two months in the latter case.

Freezing them offers the best medium term solution. You can college loans consolidation wash, dry and place them in a freezer bag or chop them up for storage in an ice cube tray. If air tight, such frozen herbs, will stay fresh for up to four months. If however you need to preserve them for up to a year, wash dry and store in a jar containing vinegar.

Dried herbs are best for making a bowl of potpourri. Hang the herbs in a cool and shady place to dry. Take care not to dry for too long as the oils exposed to air for too long will evaporate taking the scent away with them depriving you of the very thing that you want in a potpourri jar or sachet. For the effect to last longer, some preservation method must be adopted. Airtight bags offer an excellent solution to keep the oils safe till you decide what to do with the herbs.

When properly dried, sage, mint, thyme and marjoram retain their scents for weeks.

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